Reclaimed Brick Fireplace

Reclaimed Brick Fireplace

Not a single thing is more welcoming compared to a brick fireplace. There's a thing so warm and classic about them. They are a long held tradition which has regrettably been supplanted by pre fabricated fire bins. Many earlier homes have a brick hearth. It is not unusual to get an older home that has had an open fireplace which has been covered up. At one time having an open fireplace was an absolute necessity, it was the key resource of heating and in some instances cooking. When much more contemporary heating strategies came along most people prefer to cover up their fireplaces.

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Reclaimed Brick Fireplace


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In order to give the room of yours a distinctive look you are able to alter the color of your brick fireplace by purchasing a paint brush as well as roller. Fireplace walls are usually considered the accent wall surface of an area, as they are completely different than the other three walls. When you are working with an accent wall you can pick colors that are much darker compared to the various other colored walls in the room. Typically the color you paint your fireplace should correspond with various other parts in your bedroom. You can utilize a painting, chuck rug or cloth sample from the space to take a color for the fireplace of yours.

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