What To Put Over Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel serves as a focal point in any living space, allowing you to showcase your personal style and add a finishing touch to your home decor. Choosing the right items to display over your fireplace mantel can significantly impact the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the room. In this article, I will guide you through various options for what to put over your fireplace mantel, from artwork and mirrors to unique decorative pieces, allowing you to create a captivating and harmonious display.

Artwork and Mirrors

One of the most popular choices for adorning a fireplace mantel is hanging artwork or mirrors. Artwork adds a personal touch and can become a conversation starter. Consider the style and size of your mantel when selecting artwork. A large, bold painting can serve as a striking focal point, while a collection of smaller framed prints can create an eclectic and gallery-like display.

Mirrors, on the other hand, bring a sense of depth and openness to a room. They reflect light, making the space appear larger and brighter. Choose a mirror that complements the style of your mantel and the overall room decor. A grand, ornate mirror can add elegance to a traditional setting, while a minimalist, frameless mirror lends itself well to modern or contemporary spaces. Additionally, consider positioning the mirror to capture and reflect an appealing view or to create symmetry with other elements in the room.

Decorative Objects and Collectibles

Another option to consider when adorning your fireplace mantel is displaying decorative objects and collectibles. These items add personality and character to the space. Select objects that resonate with your interests, hobbies, or travels. For example, an antique clock can bring a touch of nostalgia, while vintage ceramic vases or pottery collections can showcase your appreciation for craftsmanship.

To create visual interest, vary the objects’ heights, textures, and shapes. Combine items like candleholders, sculptures, books, or cherished family heirlooms. Consider incorporating natural elements like potted plants, driftwood, or a collection of seashells for an organic and inviting feel. Arrange the objects in a balanced composition, with larger pieces anchoring the display and smaller items filling in the gaps. Regularly rotate or update the objects to keep the mantel display fresh and engaging.

Seasonal Decor and Wreaths

Embrace the changing seasons by incorporating seasonal decor and wreaths over your fireplace mantel. This lets you infuse a festive and inviting atmosphere into your living space. Adorn the mantel with garlands, twinkling lights, and stockings during the winter holidays. A centerpiece of a beautiful wreath can also be a stunning focal point.

In spring and summer, opt for vibrant floral arrangements, botanical prints, or a collection of colorful vases filled with fresh blooms. Consider incorporating elements like dried wheat, pumpkins, or fall foliage for autumn. Adopting the mantel decor to the seasons allows you to create a dynamic and ever-changing display that reflects the time of year and enhances the room’s overall ambiance.

Architectural Elements and Wall Decor

Consider incorporating architectural elements or wall decor to add visual interest and create a unique focal point above your fireplace mantel. Install a decorative wall panel or molding to frame the area. This can add an elegant touch or highlight a specific architectural feature of the room.

Another option is to create a gallery wall above the mantel. Combine a mix of framed photographs, artwork, and decorative mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Cohesively arrange them, either symmetrically or in an eclectic collage style, to add visual intrigue and a personal touch.

Choosing what to put over your fireplace mantel is an opportunity to showcase your style and enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space. Whether you opt for artwork and mirrors, decorative objects and collectibles, seasonal decor, or architectural elements, the key is to create a display that reflects your taste, complements the room decor, and adds visual interest to the area. Experiment with different combinations, and don’t be afraid to update the display to keep it fresh and inviting. With careful consideration, your fireplace mantel can become a captivating centerpiece that captures attention and brings warmth and beauty to your home.

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