Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Screen Guard

Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Screen Guard

In comparison to the history of the fireplace itself, open fireplace screens have not been so very long in existence. Invented in the 18th century, hearth screens quickly became an indispensable accessory. Before this time, homes will be filled with smoke and ash making the open fireplace more of a pain than any sort of decorative focal point. Maybe the greatest advantage fireplace screens offer is it separates the hearth from the majority of the household to ensure that the smoke and the ashes don't dance around the atmosphere and lie on the floors. Fireplace screens also shield people from the full intensity of the heating and make those romantic fireside chats attainable.

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Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Screen Guard


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A specific category of display is actually the "spark guard." Spark guards are actually screens which not only protect sparks from coming straight out from the fire of yours into your room but also protect you from sparks that could shoot up-and-out in your space. Usually, they seem much like a three-panel display with 2 vital differences: First, an additional best area of screening goes from the roof of the 3 panels up to the fireplace wall. Typically this leading section of screening is shaped just like the curved section of a traditional roll front desk. Next, not one of the panels is hinged. All areas of the spark guard is strict. to be able to tend a fire, handles on the spark guard let the strict device to be picked up and moved away from the fire.

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