Montigo Fireplace Inserts

Montigo Fireplace Inserts

An electric powered fireplace insert is usually prepared for operation and can easily be plugged in. These open fireplaces sketch to air which is a lot of in and burn off to quickly wasting electricity. Once you've the open fireplace insert replacement fitted, you'll probably wonder exactly why you did not carry out the fireplace replacement installation sooner. With a fireplace insert as well as some building supplies, you can have an open fireplace that is much more unique than the one your best friend has. Fireplace inserts and gas fireplace inserts will brighten up your worktime and take your fears and loneliness away.

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Montigo Fireplace Inserts


Montigo 30FID Gas Fireplace Insert


The other form of insert is actually an electric log set that contains the logs, ember bed and flame effect and can be introduced into an existing open fireplace. The ember bed pulsates just as real embers would as they respond to oxygen. These models offer supplemental heat for an estimated 400 square feet with 4700 Btus per hour, which allows for the decrease and zone heating of your heating bills. Almost all that is needed for an electric fireplace insert is a three pronged outlet. In addition, it makes these inserts discrete among the other fireplaces since it is often used all year round with heat or perhaps without heat.

Montigo – American Heritage Fireplace


Montigo – DL6315 Gas Fireplace – Fireside Hearth and Leisure


Gas Inserts – Energy E33 – Kastle Fireplace