Knotty Pine Fireplace Mantel

Getting a mantel shelf which does not blend with the home is able to turn an exquisite mantel into an eye sore. In relation to fireplace mantels, one thing is certain: you are able to include a gorgeous visual to the family room, family room, den, or perhaps perhaps the bedroom by choosing the best one.

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Knotty Pine Fireplace Mantel

Mantelpieces which were once hand carved out of good hardwoods are now being made by machines using veneers, fiberboard, and plywood. Regrettably however, not almost all rooms with fireplaces are available with prebuilt mantels. It will be up to you and what you want and are able to afford for the budget of yours.

Hand Made Knotty Pine Fireplace Mantel And Surround by Dan Fabian

Yet as common as the fireplace mantel might seem, it has meant different things at different times in history serving once not just as a source of high temperatures, but as a method of cooking, with some fireplace mantels achieving a huge width which could accommodate a couple of cooks as well as roasting joint.

Knotty Pine Faux Wood Fireplace Mantel

You are able to buy a custom mantel probably made for your fireplace. Additionally, they'll also be viewed in many different methods providing more several decisions that will definitely fit any discerning taste. The most important reason would be that it merely would make the visual aesthetic of the open fireplace come out full.

Rustic or Modern Knotty Pine Fireplace Mantel Beam Floating Shelf

Knotty Pine Faux Wood Fireplace Shelf Mantel

Knotty Pine Shenandoah Mantel PlowHearth

4″H x 4″D x 36″W Knotty Pine Faux Wood Fireplace Mantel, Premium Aged

stained pine beams Rustic Custom Made Knotty Pine Beam Fireplace

Ekena Millwork Knotty Pine Faux Wood Fireplace Mantel Wayfair

Painted over a knotty pine wood walls – love the grey and white

Hand Made Knotty Pine Fireplace Mantel And Surround by Dan Fabian

Pin on House-fireplace/TV

Ekena Millwork MANUKP Knotty Pine Faux Wood Fireplace Mantel

Ekena Millwork 6 in. x 10 in. x 6 ft. Knotty Pine Fireplace Mantel


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