How To Make A Mantel For A Brick Fireplace

How To Make A Mantel For A Brick Fireplace

Ideally, the fireplace of yours and mantel model must complement the style of the home of yours as a mantel is often the key center point of an area, if not the entire home. We like to think of a mantel surround as a three-sided picture frame and the brick, stone or maybe tile fireplace facing which surrounds the fireplace opening can be looked at as a mat within the frame. For the last 30 odd years, fireplaces were commonly constructed with a basic brick facade (facing) not to mention presently there may not have even been a mantel or perhaps, if we had a mantel, it might be a basic frame mantel or perhaps a mantel shelf that has to have a makeover.

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How To Make A Mantel For A Brick Fireplace


how to build a fireplace mantel


You take note of people talk about receiving a whole new fireplace or even buying a home with a fireplace however, you hardly ever hear individuals talk of hearth mantels. In the opinion of mine, a fireplace is entirely incomplete having a complementary mantel. A fireplace without having a fireplace mantel is as a bed without a headboard. It's functional but not good to the eye. However, there are factors which are many that a fireplace mantel is crucial. The most important reason is that it just would make the visual aesthetic of the open fireplace appear full. It frames the warm radiance of the fire. An additional reason is the independent visual of this mantel itself. Fireplace mantels are frequently made from carved wood with fluted columns and therefore are handsomely edged. The mantel is pleasing to the eye.

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