Handmade Fireplace Mantels

Go straight to a stone carving manufacturer. Hearth mantels are generally made from carved wood with fluted columns and are handsomely edged. The fireplace mantels around this time often show the disjointed dynamics of fireplace design as old snatches of info from Renaissance Italy ended up being taken using context by noblemen attempting to flaunt their wealth and status.

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Handmade Fireplace Mantels

But, choosing the perfect mantel piece isn't a straightforward job, specifically if you are fresh out of hearth mantel ideas or perhaps have no idea what your choices are. The fireplace mantel is common to us all as a symbol of house and comfort . The fireplace mantel shelf is created to hold smaller decor products.

How to Build a Fireplace Mantel in 5 Steps – This Old House

When you use stone just on the face of the open fireplace of yours, the stone is actually cut extremely thin and you increase the area of the wall of yours which supports the stone, placing less strain on your wall. Real wood mantels come in a variety of wood sorts which include maple, cherry, Douglas, hemlock, alder, pine, just to mention a few.

Hanceville Wood Fireplace Mantel Custom

Since those original days, the performance and ornamentation of American fireplaces have seen many changes. Cast stone, which is a pre fabricated sort of stone, is popular now since it's very cheap as as compared to the other stones. A hearth without having a fireplace mantel is as a bed without having a headboard.

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