Fireplace Tiles That Looks Like Stone

Fireplace Tiles That Looks Like Stone

When you are planning to add tin tiles on to the fireplace of yours, you will find a few things that you need to keep in mind. Just before you choose to do anything with the tiles, they're going to have to be cleaned within denatured alcohol. Make sure that when there's any kind of protective film that you remove it, because or else it will at some point result in the tiles to shed a good deal of shine more on down the line. Because you'll be using decorative nails to put the tiles up, make sure that you pick nails that have a decorative head that is complementary to the tin tiles of yours. When you check out nail the tin tiles down, remember that you need to place the nails along the exposed sides on the tile.

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Fireplace Tiles That Looks Like Stone


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Install the majority of the tiles adopting the arched outline around the fireplace, on both sides, using exactly the same tessellation approach, putting the tiles so that the long edges are flush with each other but don't overlap, creating a symmetrical pattern. Use the tile cutters to cut tiles to slip along the outside edge of the mid-foot shape. Install the end tiles vertically downward until they get to the base of the fireplace. If necessary, use the tile cutters to shape the last pieces so they fit snugly above the base.

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