Espresso Fireplace Mantel

Espresso Fireplace Mantel

Many are now coordinating a fireplace mantel design having a Flat Panel Television set up. In most homes, a mantel design might include supplemental woodwork on the wall above the main mantel, often termed an Overmantel. An over-mantel is in fact only a next mantel installed above the principle open fireplace mantel, built to possibly the same dimensions or often narrower and possibly shorter or taller compared to the principal mantel below. Many people complete the inside of an Overmantel with a mirror while others merely let the wall structure of theirs show through the opening.

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Espresso Fireplace Mantel


Espresso Fireplace Mantle .Rugged Wood Mantel.Floating


And so if you have decided to take the plunge, how should you set about including mantel to the fireplace of yours? The most crucial thing to undertake is take measurements. The next most vital thing to perform is go shopping! You can do this online, at regional fireplace stores, or perhaps from antique and reclaimed materials shops. In case you locate a mantel that complements the dimensions of the fireplace of yours, installation is simply a situation of fixing the mantel to the wall structure around your fireplace and adding any necessary trim to cover any exposed joints. If you cannot find a pre made mantel to suit, then a fantastic contractor or perhaps handyman should be ready to construct a mantel to suit your fireplace making use of an image as being a guide.

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