Discount Fireplace Mantels

Discount Fireplace Mantels

Many are now coordinating a fireplace mantel structure with a Flat Panel Television set up. In a lot of homes, a mantel design may well include supplemental woodwork on the wall above the main mantel, generally called an Overmantel. An over-mantel is actually only a next mantel installed above the main fireplace mantel, built to both identical dimensions or even sometimes narrower and either taller or shorter than the principal mantel beneath. Some individuals conclude the inside of an Overmantel with a mirror while others merely let their wall structure show throughout the opening.

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Discount Fireplace Mantels


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There are two substantial considerations though if you buy an antique open fireplace mantel. The very first one has a thing to do with style. You have to be sure of course that your fireplace mantel satisfies the general style and color and style of the home of yours. Overall your antique mantel will be overkill and will seem preposterous. Then again, you're the mater of your home and you can do with it as you please. The other main concern however for buying an antique mantel cannot be dismissed since it involves safety. As your piece is an antique, it naturally does not fit contemporary home specs. The goal for modern safety, fire as well as building codes as well as regulations would be to ensure your safety as well as the preservation of the home of yours. Apart from ensuring the mantel of yours is the right size for your firebox, you additionally must be sure that your mantel can comply with modern safety standards.

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