Wood Burning Fireplace Mantel Clearances

It's functional but not good to the eye. Home builders prefer stones just because they give options that are plenty of as they come in a wide variety of textures and colors. You can find new mantels in virtually any home improvement center or perhaps maybe even at an auction or perhaps estate sale.

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Wood Burning Fireplace Mantel Clearances

If you choose to put a metal face on your fireplace or would love a metal shelf, keep in mind that metal conducts heat and be sure to take precautions to insulate your fireplace mantel from your fire it surrounds. Some of the more usual wood types used to create mantels with are oak, cherry, and pine.

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Nevertheless, if you would like to make an air of informality and comfort, choose an asymmetrical decoration. In case you're replacing the current mantel of yours and also surround, then you should measure that. If you are searching for a fireplace mantel for just a cabin, stick with the antique, rugged models, in case that's the decor of the room.

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Remember that this can be the focal point of the bedroom of yours when it's built, hence you will be curious to establish a mantel which will mesh perfectly with the general decor and style and color of your home. For example, you are able to customize a fireplace from wood or other similar material.

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