Painted Wooden Fireplace Screens

Painted Wooden Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are by far the most widely used ones, which serve 2 primary purposes. In addition they come in pretty handy in preventing the family cat from getting a romp in the fireplace. Aside from stained glass and metal, these screen's also is available in tempered as well as leaded glass kind that includes glass panels as well as metal frames. Therefore, fireplace screens were invaluable during that time for that purpose. Newer fireplaces which are customized within the home use a metal firebox with insulation, heat shields as well as fire brick already mounted. Make sure that just about any screen can stand up to unexpected knocks as well as remain in position.

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Painted Wooden Fireplace Screens


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Another style of a fireplace display screen that fits the modern development is actually the custom styled screen. Do not create overly huge a fire. There's also stained cup kinds of these types and fireplace screens are sold with wooden frames and lead. Frosted glass, stained glass or several kinds of papers can additionally be hung behind the display, accentuating its decorative appearance. A fireplace display screen is an excellent approach to add life to an old fireplace. It's important you've the precautionary steps to prevent undesirable accidents with fireplaces. No matter the kind of fireplace screen you prefer, be sure this above everything else, it is intended for safety purposes.

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