3 Sided Fireplace Mantels

3 Sided Fireplace Mantels

You need not be restricted to wrought iron or maybe dark-gray candlesticks when using black color fireplace tools, screen or firewood holder. Consider coordinating the candlesticks’ metallic with the various other metals in the room of yours and also on the mantel. If, for example, the mantel has a bronze bowl, bronze candlesticks will look good on the mantel with a blackish hearth display and tools. Moreover, a room with a black fireplace ensemble but other brass and brass lamps decorative extras are going to be perked set up with brass candlesticks on the mantel.

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3 Sided Fireplace Mantels


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Natural stone fireplace mantels are the typically more expensive, but in addition the more appealing. If you would like a stone hearth mantel go straight to the pros. Go straight to a stone carving manufacturer. The stone carving dealer will give you the very best price for the quality and they usually have their very own design experts that will help you with the numerous styles and materials. There are only a few dimensional stone producers out there that make fireplace mantels. They typically contend with commercial customers , for instance , architects as well as designers, but if you find out what you need more or less, they will give you a superb package on a rather good custom stone fireplace mantel.

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Fireplaces are an important part of many homes, providing warmth and ambiance. One way to make a fireplace stand out is with the use of a three-sided mantel. A three-sided mantel is a unique and eye-catching way to frame the fireplace and can be used to great effect in both traditional and modern settings. This article will provide an overview of three-sided fireplace mantels, including their design, materials, installation and maintenance.

Design of Three-Sided Fireplace Mantels

A three-sided fireplace mantel typically consists of two sides which extend vertically either side of the fireplace opening, with a third side which forms a shelf across the top. The sides are usually made from wood, but can also be created from metal or stone depending on the desired look. The shelf is often made from wood but can also be a combination of wood and stone or metal. These mantels are available in various styles and shapes, from ornate traditional designs to sleek contemporary styles.

Materials for Three-Sided Fireplace Mantels

The most common material used to create three-sided fireplace mantels is wood, as it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Wood is available in a variety of types, such as oak, pine, cherry and walnut, each offering its own unique look and feel. Metal or stone can also be used to create the mantel, though this will typically cost more than wood. The choice of material should depend on the desired look as well as budget considerations.

Installation of Three-Sided Fireplace Mantels

Installing a three-sided fireplace mantel typically takes around two hours if done properly. It is important that the mantel is installed correctly so that it does not become unstable over time. The first step is to ensure that the wall behind the fireplace is structurally sound before attaching any brackets onto it. Then the brackets need to be securely attached in place using screws or bolts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the brackets are in place, the mantel can be placed onto them and secured into position using additional screws or bolts. Finally, any decorative features such as mouldings or trim can be added for an extra touch of style.

Maintenance of Three-Sided Fireplace Mantels

Once installed, three-sided fireplace mantels require very little maintenance apart from occasional dusting and cleaning with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner attachment. It is important to check that all fixings are secure periodically as these can come loose over time due to heat from the fire or vibration from nearby traffic or construction work. If there are any loose fixings then these should be tightened using appropriate tools such as a screwdriver or wrench. Additionally, it is important to keep combustible items away from the fireplace as these could catch fire if left too close to an open flame for too long.

FAQs about Three-Sided Fireplace Mantels

Q: What materials are best for three-sided fireplace mantels?

A: Wood is generally considered to be the best material for three-sided fireplace mantels as it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with while still providing an attractive finish. However, metal or stone can also be used if desired for more durable results or specific design Preferences.

Q: How long does it take to install a three-sided fireplace mantel?

A: Installing a three-sided fireplace mantel typically takes around two hours if done properly. It is important to ensure that the wall behind the fireplace is structurally sound before attaching any brackets onto it.

What are the advantages of a 3 sided fireplace mantel?

1. Greater warmth: A 3 sided fireplace mantel gives you the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of a fire from three directions, making the area around the fireplace much warmer than with a traditional one-sided mantel.

2. Increased ambiance: The wider design of a 3 sided mantel allows for an increased range of lighting and visual effects, creating a more pleasant atmosphere.

3. More decorative options: With its additional sides, a 3 sided mantel provides more creative possibilities for displaying pictures, sculptures or other decorative items.

4. Better ventilation: The extra sides of a 3 sided mantel allow for better air circulation, reducing the risk of smoke buildup in your home.

What are the disadvantages of a 3 sided fireplace mantel?

1. Limited space for decorations: A 3 sided fireplace mantel does not provide a lot of space for decorations or artwork.

2. Limited storage: A 3 sided mantel does not provide much storage compared to traditional, 4 sided mantels.

3. Reduced efficiency: Due to the smaller size, a 3 sided mantel may reduce the efficiency of the fireplace as some of its heat can escape around the sides of the mantel.