How To Reface A Brick Fireplace With Stone Veneer

How To Reface A Brick Fireplace With Stone Veneer

When it comes to home improvement projects, few can be as rewarding or as transformative as refacing a brick fireplace with stone veneer. This project can take a tired, dated brick fireplace and turn it into something that looks like it belongs in a magazine. It is also relatively easy to do, making it a great choice for novice DIYers. The first step is to remove any existing brickwork, which can be done with either a hammer and chisel or an electric rotary hammer. Once the old brick is out of the way, you will need to apply a base coat of mortar to the fireplace wall and let it dry. After the mortar has dried, you can begin laying the stone veneer in whatever pattern you have chosen. It is important to make sure that the stones are laid correctly and that the mortar joints are even and consistent. Once the stone veneer is laid, you can grout the joints and fill in any gaps with a color-matched caulk. After the grout is dry, your newly refaced brick fireplace with stone veneer is ready to be enjoyed!

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How To Reface A Brick Fireplace With Stone Veneer

At present a great deal of fireplaces are characterized by way of the burning of gasoline but decades ago, masonry fireboxes that used brick mantels like wooden mantels or brick faces were the preferred fireplace appearance by a massive amount homeowners. Even at present, a great deal still prefer using classic brick since it appears to be excellent and it brings out a certain rustic feel which makes the room more unique, elegant and ancient. The utilization of brick designs can darken a room and give out a distinctive approach completely different from the open and brighter settings used by a great deal of typical locations these days.

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However, if your old brick fireplace is not the focal point of your home, give it a new look with a stone veneer product. The choices are limitless. You can select natural stone veneer, that is genuine stone which is cut into a thin veneer. Also, there’s man-made stone veneer that is a cement based product. The cost for man-made stone is less than the all-natural stone, thus your budget is going to help you select between these two choices. When purchasing your stone do not forget to invest in the stones that are designed to be placed on the corners of the fireplace face of yours. These stones are actually sold by the linear feet, not through the square foot, which the flat stones are sold by. Don’t be tempted to spend less because of the cost difference. The stones for the sides are the key to making the work appear as realistic it can be.

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If you have an old brick fireplace that needs a facelift, consider refacing it with stone veneer. This is a relatively easy project that will give your fireplace a new look and add value to your home. Here’s how to reface a brick fireplace with stone veneer.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start any work on the fireplace, make sure the area is safe and properly ventilated. Remove any furniture and décor from the area and cover the floor with drop cloths.

Step 2: Cleaning

Using a wire brush, scrub the brick to remove any loose mortar and debris. Vacuum up the dust and debris and wipe down the brick with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Applying the Adhesive

Once the brick is clean, it’s time to apply the adhesive. Using a notched trowel, spread the adhesive evenly over the brick surface. Be sure to apply enough adhesive to the entire surface.

Step 4: Laying the Stone

Now you can start laying the stone veneer. Start at the top of the fireplace and work your way down. Be sure to press the stones firmly into the adhesive.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once the stone is in place, use a grout to fill in the gaps between the stones. Allow the grout to dry before applying sealer to protect the stone.

And that’s it! Your brick fireplace is now refaced and ready to be enjoyed. Refacing a brick fireplace with stone veneer is a great way to give your fireplace a new look without a major renovation. Enjoy your new fireplace!