Hand Painted Fireplace Screens

Hand Painted Fireplace Screens

Yet another quite common sort of fireplace display screen is made of iron, brass or steel and mounts in front of or even on the hearth free standing within face of the firebox. These fireplace screens can be quite an easy flat screen, may very well be free standing on leg-brackets and may be the more prevalent three sided screen. Three-sided screens have a middle area which spans the wideness of the fireplace. The 2 sides are actually hinged to turn at a 30 to forty-five degree angle hence holding the screen plum straight up. The fireplace screen can have fireplace tools, candles and all manner of artistic decor already a part of the design.

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Hand Painted Fireplace Screens


Chinese Four Screens of Flowers and Birds Painting flower&bird four screens 2617068, 33cm x


Fireplace screens offer the two purpose of protecting your house from sparks as well as accenting your living room decor. Fireplace screens come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, which means you are able to obtain one that suits your fireplace and the room of yours completely. Metal is easily the most traditional material for fireplace screens. Aluminum, steel, brass, and iron are the most popular metals. Depending on the preference of yours, you'll discover shades with contemporary designs or maybe ornate scroll work. Most metal screens include a mesh screen within the frame to avert sparks and ash via flying away of the fireplace. Metal screens reach high temperatures when exposed to fire, so always use careful attention when touching them.

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