Average Fireplace Mantel Width

Furthermore, you are able to find marble fireplace mantels in color tones which are different if you wish to achieve a far more luxurious style. The design as well as material of fireplace mantels – plus the way in which they're decorated – tell a story about the household and their very specific tastes.

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Average Fireplace Mantel Width

If you use stone just on the face of your open fireplace, the stone is actually cut very thin and you improve the area of your wall that supports the stone, placing less stress on your wall. Wooden mantels come in a variety of wood sorts which include maple, pine, alder, hemlock, Douglas, cherry, simply to mention a few.

Best Fireplace Mantel Proportions – How Not To Muck It Up

These decorative architectural ornaments were known as fireplace mantels. Not every person wants to get an antique open fireplace mantel, but lots of people are already thinking about the option. When selecting candlesticks, search for styles which also complement the room. These have less glow than traditional brass fireplace accessories but much more visual warmth as well as character.

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There are plenty of species of wood which are left turned into mantels by different companies, including oak, cherry, and pine, to name a few, and likewise you will find laminate wooden variations of the wood species which are available as well. By far the most apparent choices for mantels are the types that are made of wood, either solid wood or laminated wood.

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