Gas Fireplace Mantle Heat Shield

It's designed with an oxygen depletion sensor, even thought this product doesn't utilize an exhaust vent. Furthermore, natural gas is typically less expensive than wood. They're the perfect option to modernize the wood stove of yours without taking the standard look away from it.

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Gas Fireplace Mantle Heat Shield

It can certainly be situated to rest beside any kind of wall. Vent free gas fireplace logs must be arranged to minimize contact between the gas flame as well as the ceramic log and logs cannot be modified to get various flame patterns. Many has been reinventing the open fireplace since it serve a major goal on their day life.

Mantel Protector – MEECOu0027s Red Devil

Every brand has the own series of its. Manufacturer's warranty is lifetime for gas logs and roughly two years for your pan burner. It is able to have a rectangular shaped pan burner with or even with no legs. For a few yrs now fireplaces have been providing heat to large numbers of homes in wintertime. This heating reflector shield radiates heat into the room for greater efficiency and performance.

HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield

HomeSaver Mantel Shield

How can I prevent the mantel above a gas fireplace from getting

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Walnut Mantle with custom heat shield

HomeSaver Mantel Shield

HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield

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