Fireplace Mantel Surround Plans

Fireplace Mantel Surround Plans

You'll unquestionably be astonished to find out that hearth mantels are actually boosted when they have some beautifully crafted stone mantels crafted in them. These may be bought through antique dealers. No matter what you opt, you can have the best looking mantel for your home. In case you want a stone fireplace mantel go straight to the pros. In case you have an open fireplace in your house, you might wish to perk up the mantel of yours or maybe you may not have one. This huge shelf is a great space to display decorations, photo frames, candles or perhaps a TV. In case wood is the material chosen the accent shades can be most any other color.

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Fireplace Mantel Surround Plans


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If the tv is actually positioned anywhere other than higher than the mantel, the focus is taken off the centerpiece of the room and leads to confusion for people entering the space. Therefore, mantels present a decorating highlight to any kind of room with an open fireplace, designs which may or perhaps may well not lengthen all the way to the ceiling. The most common sorts of stones that're utilized for mantels are marble, slate granite as well as limestone. You can have two huge candles on either end like, and perhaps balance it with a large decorative piece in the center. Also known as a mantelpiece or chimney-piece, the fireplace mantel has usually been an artistic ingredient of an area while at the same offering useful components like protecting the surrounding area provided by fire damage.

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