Electric Fireplace Surround Ideas

Electric fireplaces have become a popular home addition due to their convenience, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric versions do not require venting or chimney access, making them versatile for installation in various parts of a home. This flexibility extends to the design of the fireplace surrounds, which can significantly influence the ambiance and style of a room. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or classic look, there are numerous creative ideas for designing an electric fireplace surround that complements your interior decor.

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Electric Fireplace Surround Ideas

One trending idea is the use of shiplap or reclaimed wood for a rustic fireplace surround. Shiplap, with its horizontal wooden planks, creates a charming, farmhouse-style look that adds warmth and texture to a room. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, brings a sense of history and character with its weathered appearance and unique grain patterns. These materials can be used to cover the entire wall surrounding the fireplace or just as an accent feature around the fireplace insert. Pairing this with a wooden mantelpiece can enhance the rustic charm, providing a perfect shelf for decor items or family photos.

For those with a modern or contemporary taste, a sleek and minimalist fireplace surround made from materials like concrete, metal, or glass might be more appealing. Concrete offers a clean, industrial look that pairs well with modern furnishings and open floor plans. It can be left in its natural gray state or painted to match the room’s color scheme. Metal surrounds, particularly in stainless steel or black finishes, provide a chic, futuristic vibe and can be combined with LED lighting to create a dramatic effect. Glass surrounds can add an elegant, reflective quality to the room, making it appear larger and more open.

Stone and tile are also popular choices for fireplace surrounds due to their durability and versatility. Natural stones like marble, granite, or slate offer a timeless, sophisticated look that can elevate any space. Each type of stone has unique colors and patterns, ensuring that your fireplace surround is one-of-a-kind. Tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic, allow for creative freedom in terms of color, pattern, and texture. They can be arranged in various designs, from classic subway tiles to intricate geometric patterns, enabling homeowners to customize the fireplace to their personal style.

Incorporating built-in cabinetry or shelving around the electric fireplace is another functional and stylish idea. This approach not only frames the fireplace but also provides additional storage and display space. Custom-built shelves can be designed to house books, decorative items, or media equipment, creating a cohesive and organized look. This is particularly useful in living rooms or family rooms where the fireplace often serves as a focal point. The cabinetry can be painted or stained to match the rest of the room’s furniture, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall decor.

Last, combining an electric fireplace with a feature wall is a striking way to make a statement. A feature wall can be created using bold paint colors, wallpaper, or textured panels, drawing attention to the fireplace and enhancing its visual impact. For instance, a dark, moody color can make the flames stand out more vividly, while a patterned wallpaper can add depth and interest. Textured panels, such as 3D wall tiles or reclaimed barn wood, can add dimension and a tactile element to the space. This approach transforms the fireplace area into an eye-catching centerpiece that enhances the room’s design.

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When it comes to adding warmth and ambiance to your home, electric fireplaces have become a popular choice for many homeowners. Not only do they provide a cozy atmosphere, but they also require minimal maintenance and are easy to install. One aspect that can truly enhance the look of your electric fireplace is the surround. There are countless options available that can complement any style or decor, from modern and sleek to traditional and rustic. In this article, we will explore some electric fireplace surround ideas to help you transform your space into a cozy retreat.

1. Modern Minimalist Surrounds:

For those who prefer a clean and contemporary look, a modern minimalist surround is the perfect choice. Consider opting for a sleek black or white surround with clean lines and minimal detailing. This type of surround will create a sophisticated focal point in any room without overpowering the space. Pair it with a simple mantel shelf or leave it bare for a streamlined look.

2. Rustic Wood Surrounds:

If you’re looking to add some warmth and charm to your space, a rustic wood surround is an excellent option. Choose a distressed wood surround with natural grain patterns and knots for a cozy cabin-like feel. You can also opt for a reclaimed wood surround for a touch of eco-friendly style. Pair it with decorative accessories such as lanterns or woven baskets to complete the rustic look.

3. Tile or Stone Surrounds:

For a more luxurious and elegant look, consider opting for a tile or stone surround for your electric fireplace. Choose from a variety of materials such as marble, travertine, or slate to create a stunning focal point in your room. A tiled surround with intricate patterns or mosaic designs can add visual interest and texture to your fireplace. Stone surrounds, on the other hand, can evoke a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

4. Custom Built-In Surrounds:

For those who want a one-of-a-kind look, custom built-in surrounds are the way to go. Work with a designer or contractor to create a bespoke surround that suits your style and space perfectly. You can incorporate features such as shelving, cabinetry, or decorative molding to enhance the overall design of your fireplace. Custom built-in surrounds allow you to personalize your space and make a bold statement in your home.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Choosing an oversized surround that overwhelms the room.

2. Neglecting to consider the overall style and decor of the room when selecting a surround.

3. Forgetting to measure accurately before purchasing a surround, leading to fitment issues.

4. Failing to properly install the surround according to manufacturer guidelines.


1. Can I install an electric fireplace surround myself?

Yes, most electric fireplace surrounds are designed for easy installation and can be done by homeowners with basic DIY skills.

2. Are electric fireplaces safe with surrounds?

Yes, electric fireplaces are safe with surrounds as long as proper clearance requirements are followed to prevent overheating.

3. How do I choose the right size surround for my electric fireplace?

Measure the dimensions of your fireplace carefully before purchasing a surround to ensure proper fitment.

4. Can I change the surround of my electric fireplace later on?

Yes, most electric fireplace surrounds are removable and replaceable, allowing you to update the look of your fireplace over time.

5. Are there any specific maintenance requirements for different types of surrounds?

Wooden surrounds may require periodic polishing or sealing, while tiled or stone surrounds may need occasional cleaning with mild detergent and water to maintain their appearance.

What are some maintenance requirements for wooden, tiled, and stone surrounds of electric fireplaces?

Wooden Surrounds:

1. Regularly dust and wipe down the wooden surround with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the wood, as they can damage the finish and appearance.

3. Apply wood polish or wax to the wooden surround periodically to keep it looking shiny and well-maintained.

4. Check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or warping, and repair or replace as needed to prevent further damage.

Tiled Surrounds:

1. Clean tiles regularly with a mild soap and water solution, using a soft brush or sponge to remove dirt and grime.

2. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the tiles, as they can damage the surface.

3. Seal grout lines periodically to prevent moisture from seeping in and causing damage or mold growth.

4. Inspect tiles for any cracks, chips, or loose pieces, and replace or repair as needed to maintain the appearance and functionality of the surround.

Stone Surrounds:

1. Clean stone surrounds with a mild soap and water solution, using a soft brush or sponge to remove dirt and stains.

2. Avoid using acidic cleaners or abrasive materials on the stone, as they can damage the surface.

3. Seal stone surfaces periodically to protect them from moisture and staining, following manufacturer recommendations for sealant application.

4. Inspect stones for any cracks, chips, or other damage, and repair or replace as needed to ensure the longevity of the surround.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when installing an electric fireplace surround?

1. Not measuring properly: Make sure to measure the dimensions of the fireplace insert and the surround before purchasing or installing to avoid any gaps or misalignment.

2. Forgetting to account for ventilation: Ensure that there is enough space around the electric fireplace for proper ventilation to prevent overheating.

3. Not following manufacturer’s instructions: Each electric fireplace surround may have specific installation requirements, so be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

4. Using incorrect tools or hardware: Make sure you have the right tools and hardware for installation to avoid damaging the surround or fireplace.

5. Not securing the surround properly: Properly secure the surround to the wall or fireplace to prevent it from becoming loose or unstable.

6. Ignoring safety precautions: Be mindful of electrical safety when installing an electric fireplace surround, such as ensuring all cords are properly secured and away from potential hazards.

7. Rushing the installation: Take your time and double-check your work to ensure a proper and secure installation.