1930S Fireplace Surround

The 1930s was an iconic decade, marked by classic art deco designs that remain popular today. One of the most iconic designs from the 1930s is the fireplace surround, which was a stylish and functional addition to any home. This article will explore the history of the 1930s fireplace surround, why it remains so popular, and provide helpful tips for choosing the right one for your home.

A Brief History of the 1930s Fireplace Surround

In the 1930s, art deco designs became popular, and the fireplace surround was no exception. I was captivated by their curved lines, ornate designs, and cast iron frames with tile or marble trim. This style was inspired by the art deco trend of the era, which was full of striking geometric shapes, bold designs, and intricate details. I loved how these fireplaces could easily add a touch of sophistication to any home and knew I had to have one. I sought the perfect design and found a combination of classic art deco with a modern edge just right for my home. I’m still enamored with my fireplace surround, and it’s a great reminder of the beauty of the 1930s art deco style.

Why the 1930s Fireplace Surround is Still Popular Today

I’m always drawn to the timeless elegance and charm of the classic 1930s fireplace surround – a timeless design that still looks beautiful and stylish in many homes today. Made from durable cast iron, it will last for many decades, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. It is aesthetically pleasing, and its functional design makes it a great choice for any home.

Tips for Choosing the Right 1930s Fireplace Surround

When selecting the perfect 1930s fireplace surround, remember a few key considerations. First and foremost, size matters. If your room is spacious enough, you may opt for a grand, cast iron surround that will make a statement. But if you want to save space, a smaller surround crafted from materials like copper or brass could be a perfect choice.

Beyond size, choosing a surround that will complement the existing décor in your room is essential. Whether you prefer a classic, more traditional style or a more modern, contemporary look, there’s sure to be a surround that will fit right in with your home.

As I take in the breathtaking sight of the 1930s fireplace surround, I’m left in awe at its timeless beauty and intricate craftsmanship. The solid wood frame is adorned with delicate floral patterns, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The intricate detailing adds a touch of sophistication to any room, while the marble mantle provides a classic and luxurious look.

Every time I admire this fireplace surround, I’m reminded of the timeless appeal of this era and the beauty of its craftsmanship. The warm tones of the wood, the intricate carvings, and the luxurious marble mantle all come together to create an inviting and timeless statement of elegance.

I feel like I’m stepping back in time, admiring the beauty and craftsmanship of a bygone era. I’m in awe of the skill and artistry that has gone into creating this beautiful piece of furniture. It’s a reminder of the work of master artisans and of the beauty and charm that can still be found in past art.

Q: What is a 1930s fireplace surround?
A: A 1930s fireplace surround is a classic art deco design featuring ornate, curved lines and is often made of cast iron with a tile or marble trim.

Q: What materials are commonly used for 1930s fireplace surrounds?
A: The most common material used for 1930s fireplace surrounds is cast iron, though copper and brass are popular choices.

Q: How do I choose the right 1930s fireplace surround for my home?
A: When choosing the right 1930s fireplace surround, it is important to consider the size of the room, the existing décor, and the material of the surround. Cast iron is the most popular option, but other materials are also available.

1930s fireplace – keep or replace

You may wish to obtain a surround with Roman flair, or perhaps possibly you would like a camcorder which has French Provincial overtones. However, be budget conscious because certain mantels as well as trims can be costly. Just like with an ordinary cleaning that we earlier discussed, stick having a gentle damp cloth with a mild soap for instance Dove.

Mid-Victorian Manner Statuary Marble Fireplace Surround

Not merely does this keep the fireplace of yours appearing newer, though the room is actually easier and cleaner to purify since you are able to wipe them clean quite easily after you have burned a fire in your fireplace. When selecting, look and pick for those companies that are tested to make a high quality surround for the fireplace of yours.

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