Lennox Fireplace Doors

Lennox Fireplace Doors

Some of the higher quality cup fireplace doors sell for more than two hundred as well as 50 dollars, so be ready to spend some money for a good product. It will be helpful of you to evaluate the fireplace of yours prior to carrying out some shopping so you've an idea of what size doors are essential. Several of the huge box home supply centers must have a sensible source of doors. If perhaps you have a fireplace specialty store in the area of yours certainly they have to have a good source of different doors also, nevertheless, there are not many of these stores around. You can also perform a search on the internet for cup fireplace doors if you're having difficulty finding what you would like at a nearby store. Remember that you will probably pay for shipping & handling costs if you generate a purchase on the internet. If you are not comfortable with installing the doors yourself, then you definitely are going to need to hire a contractor to do the job for you.

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Lennox Fireplace Doors


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Taking Proper care of Your Fireplace Doors You can simply wipe down the doors of yours with window cleaner and an unpolluted dry cloth when they are cool. According to your frame, you can wipe it down with exactly the same cleaner or perhaps a polish for its specific metal. By no means clean the metal or the glass of your fireplace doors as soon as the doors are hot or perhaps even though the fire is burning. Your chimney needs to have a chimney cap along with a storm collar to keep the rain away from your doors and prevent rust. Doors on a gas fireplace are subject to corrosion from the moisture generated by the combustion. Most fuel stoves will come with damper clips to maintain the damper wide open anyway, but which may not be plenty of airflow to keep corrosion to the fireplace doors of yours. Make sure that the fireplace of yours gets enough ventilation to reduce water.

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