What Is The Standard Height For A Fireplace Mantel

Once built, the mantel of yours will be a fantastic accessory to the home of yours which you are able to enjoy for numerous years to come. Welcome to the amazing world of fireplace mantels and fireplace mantel suggestions. The fact of brick or maybe stone can also switch the appearance of your fireplace mantel.

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What Is The Standard Height For A Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel, if it's wide enough, could be the perfect area to put fresh flowers or perhaps some plants. In case you would like a stone fireplace mantel go straight to the pros. Back then, they didn't have electrical lighting and had to use candles for illumination at night.

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Towards the middle of 16th century, not just were the open fireplace mantels becoming more and more ornate, but thus were the surrounds & overmantels. Accessories for fireplaces, just like many house decorative accessories, are now available in bronze & copper finishes. The other main consideration however for purchasing an antique mantel cannot be ignored because it includes safety.

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We are able to imagine that the custom mantel for your fireplace is the right option in case you wish to have a unique and stylish hearth in the home of yours. This idea is ideal in case you barely use your fireplace, as the heat may wilt or even kill your plant life.

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