Victorian Fireplace Tile Inserts

Victorian Fireplace Tile Inserts

Some individuals like to use spray paint that gives a textured, variegated floor resembling stone or granite. Should you decide to go this path, you'll have to mask off all the surrounding areas before you decide to spray. It is going to look more realistic in case you wipe off the coloring that will get on the grout using a little sponge brush. However, you might then have to paint the grout again using truly white or even off truly white if it was badly discolored to start with. Yet another alternative is painting the entire thing whitish, now use a sponge painting technique to add texture as well as color. It will work best using a pale shade that does not stand out too much out of the white background. You have to stay away from painting the grout while you are performing that.

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Victorian Fireplace Tile Inserts


White subway tile fireplace with craftsman mantel. ️LOVE ️ Subway tile fireplace, Fireplace


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