Vent Free Gas Fireplace Mantel Packages

Vent Free Gas Fireplace Mantel Packages

During the early evolution of this fireplace mantel – from the primitive wood or peat fire lit for a slab of stone throughout the Saxon times with the mediaeval period when the fireplace mantel turned into a well more efficient edifice – the most essential space was the typical hall. Initially they had been developed primarily for the purpose of helping the smoke out of the building, but gradually the chimney stack turned as a very decorative architectural ornament. These decorative architectural ornaments were called fireplace mantels.

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Vent Free Gas Fireplace Mantel Packages


Pleasant Hearth 36-Inch Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace Mantel Package, Tobacco – VFF-PH20NG-2T1


In case you are looking for a cost effective mantel that gives a quality look to any kind of room, you really should look into a mantel made from wood. And simply because its made of wood does not imply that it has to be plain or boring looking. On the contrary, wood fireplace mantels are available in an enormous range of styles as well as wood types. Best of all wood mantels lend themselves to complex designs. Wood can easily be sculpted into three dimensional pieces of art form where as stone mantels have a much more difficult time achieving this. Wood fireplace mantels can fit well into almost any interior design scheme.

Vail 26-inch Cherry Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Mantel Package – VFD26FMC


Pleasant Hearth 46-Inch Propane Vent Free Fireplace Mantel Package, Heritage – VFF-PH32LP-H2


Heat & Glo 6000 CLX Direct Vent Gas Fireplace White HVAC