Typical Height Of Fireplace Mantel

Typical Height Of Fireplace Mantel

When going over open fireplace mantels, you ought to also consider the surround that you will us. Options for surrounds include other materials, stone, tile, or brick that are not combustible. Many surrounds are mounted with an uncomplicated adhesive. Choosing open fireplace mantels that coordinate with their surrounds is excellent for a seamless look. With regards to fireplace mantels, one thing is certain: you are able to include a lovely visual to the living room, den, family room, or even possibly the bedroom by selecting the best one.

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Typical Height Of Fireplace Mantel


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The mantel you build with hearth mantel designs ought to discuss about you and your house. Keep in mind that this will be the center point of your bedroom when it's built, therefore you'll want to create a mantel that will mesh nicely with the general decor and color of your home. For instance, a mantel constructed of natural wood will look great in an older home with the average hearth. While a mantel made of a sleeker type of wood will be perfect for a very contemporary house. The style of the mantel can pretty much speak as much about the person that built it as the photographs as well as decorative pieces that are placed on top of it. Keep in mind that when picking out substances as well as fireplace mantel programs. Once constructed, your mantel is going to be a terrific add-on to the home of yours you are able to enjoy for a lot of years to come.

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