Types Of Fireplace Mantels

Types Of Fireplace Mantels

Originally created within medieval instances, the fireplace mantel acted as a hood which would catch smoke. Nonetheless, the fireplace mantel has grown over time to include the decorative frame which surrounds a fireplace. Therefore, mantels provide a decorating highlight to any kind of room with an open fireplace, designs which might or even may well not lengthen all of the healthy way to the ceiling. Commonly known as as a mantelpiece or perhaps chimney-piece, the fire place mantel has usually been an artistic component of a space while also offering useful components such as protecting the surrounding area offered by fire damage.

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Types Of Fireplace Mantels


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Candles are in fact the standard decorations for open fireplace mantels. Before, they did not have electric lighting and had to use candles for light in the evening. It was the best spot to situate candles, that could be taken to the room at bedtime. The kinds of candles you place on the fireplace mantel of yours is dependent on the dimensions of the mantel itself. The plan is having a great balance, variation and depth. You can have two massive candles on either end like, and perhaps balance it with a big decorative piece of the center. or perhaps you are able to have several small candles lined in place on the mantel. It actually is your choice, and also you can transition it up to give variation to your mantel every three months or thereabouts.

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