Tv On Top Of Fireplace Mantel

Tv On Top Of Fireplace Mantel

You generally see wrought iron, copper and also bronze outside fire pits, but a metallic accent to the mantel of yours can be a really attractive solution to enhance your living area as well. At this time there are additionally very modern looking all metal fireplaces which burn ethanol fuel and do not need chimneys. If you love the appearance of a far more old fashioned hearth and still have your heart establish on metallic, a freestanding fireplace may possibly be a good option for you. If you choose to place a metal face on the fireplace of yours or even would like a metallic shelf, remember that metal conducts heat and be sure to take precautions to insulate the fireplace mantel of yours from your fire it surrounds.

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Tv On Top Of Fireplace Mantel


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Right after choosing to place the open fireplace in the corner, the next thing would be to decide what sort of mantel best matches the room and personal style of the household. The surrounds mantel is probably the most grandiose option. It gives the room a traditional majestic feel. If a more casual look is ideal, the easy shelf is the better solution. Once the type of mantel is determined the material must be selected. Often times mantels are composed of wood but for a more exquisite style marble or perhaps stone ought to be used. If price is an issue making use of a recycled material will save an amazing amount of money. After choosing the mantel design and material, the color scheme has to be established and this's done simply when you use stone or marble as they tend to experience a certain amount of color. If wood is the content chosen the accent shades may be most any color.

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