Travertine Tile Fireplace Designs

Travertine Tile Fireplace Designs

When you're looking to install tin tiles on to the fireplace of yours, there are a few items that you have to remember. Before you decide to do anything with the tiles, they are going to need to be cleaned in denatured alcohol. Ensure that when there's any sort of protective film that you remove it, because otherwise it'll at some point cause the tiles to shed a good deal of shine further on down the series. As you will be using decorative nails to place the tiles up, see to it you select nails which have a decorative mind that is complementary to the tin tiles of yours. If you visit nail the box tiles down, keep in mind that you ought to place the nails on the exposed edges on the tile.

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Travertine Tile Fireplace Designs


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Tin tiles add a wonderful touch to the fireplace of yours. An open fireplace is actually a warm and cozy part of the home of yours, therefore think about exactly how fairly firelight will look, bouncing off of the polished surfaces of your tin tiles. This could be one of the most important decorative factors that you are able to contribute to a room, so think about what your options are and what you are able to do to obtain the final results that you want!

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