Timber Mantels For Fireplaces Ireland

Timber Mantels For Fireplaces Ireland

Since those first days, the performance and ornamentation of American fireplaces have seen changes which are numerous. Although fireplaces may still be used as a high temperatures source in modern homes, cooking is no longer accomplished on them. Fireplace mantel designs, that have gone through times of ornate marbles and ostentatious design have settled straight into the 21st century with flair. Mantelpieces that were previously hand-carved outside of good hardwoods are now being created by models with plywood, fiberboard, and veneers. Also so, contemporary mantels and fireplaces are able to transform a simple room into a romantic haven.

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Timber Mantels For Fireplaces Ireland


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Early fireplace mantels were unadorned and simple quite, a sensible look without decorative appeal other than an occasional basic rope detail in the surround. Towards the center of the 16th century, not just were the open fireplace mantels becoming more ornate, but thus were the surrounds and overmantels. The fireplace mantels around this particular time usually show the disjointed character of fireplace design as old snatches of info from Renaissance Italy were taken from context by noblemen trying to flaunt their wealth and status.

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