Tile Fireplace Hearth Surround

Tile Fireplace Hearth Surround

Will you would like to attach some accent tiles to your design? Accessory tiles can be really special since they're able to seriously generate a stunning appearance. You can find them in all styles, sizes and shapes. It may be a diamond shape or perhaps a pictured tile, that are a great item now. You're just constrained by the imagination of yours. While there's nothing wrong with going with a far more conventional fireplace hearth design, you are able to spice things up and create your own truly unique design that will be a chat piece for years to come.

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Tile Fireplace Hearth Surround


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In order to apply the tile, mix a tiny amount of mortar, spreading it on the surface utilizing the notched trowel. Next, set the tile sheets correctly to the wet mortar. You can use your grout float to press the flooring uniformly to the grout-covered surface. When necessary, use spacers among the sheets of tile for the floor to keep consistent spacing. Once the mortar has dried according to package directions, inspect your freshly tiled area. Remove any protruding areas of mortar with a screwdriver or perhaps utility knife and brush off of any dust. Next, mix your grout and use it over the tiles using the rubber float. After about 20 minutes, make use of a thoroughly clean lint-free cloth to wipe off extra grout. Then, repeat the process using warm water and a sponge.

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