Stone Fireplace Surround Kits

Stone Fireplace Surround Kits

Technically, an open fireplace surround is an architectural element which surrounds a fireplace, providing aesthetic and protection advantages. A hearth with a fireplace surround can certainly add a little bit of romance to any room. Natural wood is the ideal alternative whether you need an ornate carved fireplace surround or perhaps something simple and colonial in style. Apart from its other benefits, an open fireplace surround is also important for the safety it provides. The surround can provide more stratum of fire protection, making the open fireplace less risky plus more enjoyable.

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Stone Fireplace Surround Kits


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Preparing the old fireplace of yours so you will be ready to reface it may be the toughest part of the job. if you've to get rid of or perhaps grind down old bricks to leave a smooth surface area on which to lay brand new tile, you can end up with dust all over the house of yours when you do not use caution. You may need to cover things with plastic and even produce a tunnel and a tent out of plastic in order to contain all the dust you produce. Even though this usually takes a little time, it is going to be worthwhile in the end. The fine dust you receive when cutting concrete or brick are able to even work its way within closets and cupboards in case you do not keep it contained, and you'll find yourself with a mess that is house wide.

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