Stone Fireplace Lintels

Stone Fireplace Lintels

Stone consists of natural limestone, cement as well as sand aggregates that are crushed and molded into any kind of design. If you're contemplating installing a patio stone fireplace, then marble, natural stone, or perhaps cultured stone are the 3 fundamental alternatives which are available. Elegance as well as class come normal for these materials and go with basically any interior design pattern that the room of yours is able to have. In the latest times, a growing number of homeowners are beginning to look for stone fireplaces. Before you actually begin planning just for the repainting of your stone open fireplace, it's required that you move through the building safety codes to ensure that all important provisions are complied with.

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Stone Fireplace Lintels


Border Oak – Inglenook fireplace with woodburner and oak lintel.: Inglenook, Cottage living


Stone is the safest material which you can use for building the fireplace of yours. Whatever the ultimate choice of yours of color, it is highly suggested you discuss the color options with the paint supplier of yours or the do contractor of yours or perhaps consultant. They each have their disadvantages and advantages, including price, flexibility, and ease of maintenance and installation. Purchasing larger mantels demands you to get it trimmed before fitting it onto the wall of yours, and in case you have selected a Stone Fireplace Mantle, this would be quite a horrendous and costly task. Like cast stone fireplaces cultured stone fireplaces are built by utilizing dyes and stone aggregates together with lightweight cements.

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