Stained Wood Fireplace Mantel

Stained Wood Fireplace Mantel

Many hang paintings above the fire locale, when you're thinking about many cases a painting of a niche on a bright summer day is actually hanging higher than the mantel with loved ones photos in antique frames on the mantel completes the warm cozy sensation of the room. So in case you've made a decision to take the plunge, precisely how should you go about including mantel to the fireplace of yours? The most important thing to perform is take measurements. The open fireplace mantels around this time usually demonstrate the disjointed dynamics of fireplace design as old snatches of information from Renaissance Italy had been taken using context by noblemen attempting to flaunt their wealth and status.

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Stained Wood Fireplace Mantel


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You will be happier warming up to a fire in the fireplace of yours when you have a decorative mantel showcased near it. By far the most apparent choices for mantels are the ones that are actually made of wood, both solid wood or laminated wood. Accents must echo the design of the home, for instance a small Buddha statue in an Asian-inspired area or a silver box in a contemporary room. Furthermore, a room with a dark hearth ensemble but other brass and brass lamps decorative accessories will likely be perked up with brass candlesticks on the mantel. You can see over many hundreds of designs and yes it will be difficult for one to select the best because there's a wide variety of designs which it gets hard to choose.

AHA! This! I could re-stain the stone with better colors, and add a mantel or old growth wood


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