Rustic Oak Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Cast stone fireplaces are also very beautiful and provide an enjoyable atmosphere to the area, however, they are more expensive than the other choices. If you think of whatever you need to have for the mantel, people which are different have different ideas. A fireplace mantel is a decorative exterior which you are able to decorate in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner.

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Rustic Oak Fireplace Mantel Shelf

For the last 30-odd years, fireplaces were commonly designed with a simple brick facade (facing) and presently there may not have also been a mantel or maybe, in case we had a mantel, it may be a simple frame mantel or possibly a mantel shelf that needs a makeover. Because your piece is actually an antique, it naturally doesn't fit contemporary home specs.

Alistair Fireplace Shelf Mantel

Additionally, you can find marble fireplace mantels in color tones which are different if you would like to attain a more luxurious style. The design as well as substance of fireplace mantels – plus the way in which they're decorated – tell a story about the household and their very distinct foods.

Modern Timber Craft 24″ W x 7″ D x 2 3/4″ H Rustic, Fireplace Mantel Shelf, Floating,Solid, Reclaimed Barn Wood with Hardware

You will unquestionably be surprised to determine this fireplace mantels are actually boosted when they have some beautifully crafted stone mantels designed in them. It attracts families together for warmth, conversation, and entertainment. With these open fireplace accessories, a blend of candlesticks in antique brass, copper, and bronze can make a terrific mantel display.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel Shelf, Aged Oak, 48″

Handmade Rustic Fireplace Mantel Shelf – Cut Oak Tree-Like Face by

Rustic Fireplace Mantel Shelf – Overstock – 21612269

Shiela Fireplace Shelf Mantel

Modern Timber Craft Rustic Fireplace Mantel Floating Solid Wood Shelf – Reclaimed Barn Wooden Beam Wall Decor, Mounted Farmhouse Shelving, (Oiled 60″

Reclaimed Barn Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelves – 4×8 u2013 Modern Timber

Kolya Rustic Fireplace Shelf Mantel

Rustic Floating Fireplace Mantel 5×6 6×6 6×8 or 8×8 Mantle Etsy

Dogberry Collections Rustic 60 in. Aged Oak Mantel m-rust-6005

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