Round Fireplace Screen

A fireplace display screen made of wrought iron is able to provide your fireplace an attractive design. Many metal screens have a mesh screen within the frame to stop sparks and ash from flying out of the fireplace. You will discover iron screens, copper, brass, small screens, and big screens. Fireplace screens generally are available in sizes which are different and styles.

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Round Fireplace Screen

Keep in mind that a display screen for the fireplace is equally useful and decorative for the fireplace so it's essential to analyze the display which you're intending to get has a very good quality however affordable. While these screens won't stop a rolling log they are going to protect places outside the hearth from flying sparks by popping wood sap.

3-Panel Fireplace Screen with Round Bar Oval Accents

Ideally, there will be aproximatelly 6 inches of overlap beyond the tips on each side and also the top needs to be at the least three to six inches above the top of the fireplace opening. There's also stained cup kinds of fireplace screens and those types come with wooden frames and lead.

Curved Top Thin Line Round Decorative Iron Fireplace Screen

There are many styles and designs such as the stained glass fireplace screen which is turning into a favorite. Regardless of the kind of fireplace screen you want, see to it that above everything else, it is meant for safety purposes. Go for fireplace screens with extras made with metal, chrome, and pewter.

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Single Door Curved Top Fine Line Round Decorative Iron Fireplace Screen

Curved Top Thin Line Round Decorative Iron Fireplace Screen

39″ Round Spark Fireplace Screen – Blue Sky Outdoor Living

Modern Gold Black Abstract Fireplace Screen 26″ Round Midcentury Firescreen


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