Rough Cut Fireplace Mantels

Rough Cut Fireplace Mantels

The third most common mantel design is the metallic fireplace mantel. Commonly used throughout Europe, the metallic mantel is created to offer optimum heat output with very little size. Although uncommon in nearly all modern housing in the US, you can still find metal hearth mantels at farm auctions around the nation as many of the farm housing at the turn of the century incorporated them into building practice at the moment. Metal hearth mantels are catching on and interior decorators are incorporating them far more and far more into homes.

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Rough Cut Fireplace Mantels


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Cast stone mantels are often priced to start at seven 100 bucks. Those 2 components must complement the mantel as well as the overall appearance of the room. Antique mantels just are available in the size which they were made in. Choose wisely what you plan to display on the mantel of yours as it will further reflect your style and personality. Think of a wonderful house with regards to the winter months and you will find that a warm cozy living room with an open fireplace is practically always incorporated when it plays a part of the photo. The fireplace is the focal point of the home and any other like selections will need to be based off of this object.

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