Reclaimed Wood Mantel Fireplace

Reclaimed Wood Mantel Fireplace

Ideally, your fireplace and mantel product should enhance the style of your house as a mantel is often the key center point of an area, if not all areas of the home. We love to think of a mantel are around as a three-sided photo frame and the brick, stone or maybe tile fireplace facing that surrounds the fireplace opening can be regarded as a mat within the frame. For the previous 30 odd years, fireplaces were typically constructed with a simple brick facade (facing) and there may not have even been a mantel or maybe, in case we had a mantel, it may be a basic frame mantel or perhaps a mantel shelf that needs a makeover.

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Reclaimed Wood Mantel Fireplace


Fireplace Mantel with Corbels With Custom Crown made of Knotty


Initially created in medieval occasions, the open fireplace mantel acted as a hood that would catch smoke. Nevertheless, the fireplace mantel has evolved over time to incorporate the decorative frame which surrounds a fireplace. As a result, mantels provide a decorating highlight to any area with a hearth, designs which may or even may well not extend all the way to the ceiling. Commonly known as as a mantelpiece or chimney-piece, the fire place mantel has usually been an artistic ingredient of a space while also offering useful substances such as saving the surrounding area from fire damage.

Reclaimed Antique Wood Mantel Pieces


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