Reclaimed Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel

Make sure you choose plants that can prosper well inside or pehaps with very little sunlight, especially if the fireplace of yours doesn't get enough sunlight. But, it is the fireplace mantel that truly brings out the beauty of a fireplace. If a more casual look is ideal, the easy shelf is the greater solution.

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Reclaimed Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel

But why decorate the mantel of yours for one month of the season and leave it dull the rest of the moment? Your fireplace is a center point of the family room, and the mantel must be decorated accordingly. If you intend to make the mantel of yours come alive, you may want to start off with a few fun decorations that could bring out the daily life and character in your home and in the fireplace of yours.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Fireplace Mantels

Stone mantel shelves whether manufactured from limestone, marble or perhaps granite are actually fantastic for visual functions. Hearth mantels could be constructed from marble, limestone, granite, and various woods depending on your preference. The right mantel can also improve up the worth of the house as an asset because it brings out the attractiveness of the house' centerpiece.

Barn Beam Mantel 6 X 8 Wooden Mantel Fireplace Etsy

In case at all possible, you will have to complement the wood sort by using this of the wood of the structural look of the home of yours or perhaps accompanying furniture. While a mantel built of a sleeker sort of wood will be best suited for a more contemporary house. The marble fireplace mantel is the middle of the budget range option.

Rustic Mantel With Metal Straps Fireplace Mantel Mantle Etsy

Mantel with Metal Brackets – Fireplace Mantel 6×6 – Mantle – Rustic Mantle – Floating Mantel – Barn Wood Mantel – Barn Beam – Custom Lengths

Hand Hewn Fireplace Mantel 8×8

Reclaimed Barnwood Beam Fireplace Mantel (Wood, 6″x6″x72″)

6″ x 8″ Mantel made from Reclaimed hand hewn wood beam fireplace mantel shelf with corbels “REAL BEAM”

Wood Fireplace Mantels Reclaimed Barn Wood Mantels

Hand Hewn Fireplace Mantel 8×8

Big rustic full 10″ x 10″ wood beam fireplace mantel with notched 8″ x 8″ (or 7″ x 7″) legs

Reclaimed Barn Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelves – 4×8 u2013 Modern Timber

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels – Longleaf Lumber

Fireplace Mantel Barn Beam Mantel Wooden Beam Mantel Etsy


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