Raised Hearth Fireplace Mantels

Raised Hearth Fireplace Mantels

The third most common mantel layout is the alloy fireplace mantel. Widely used throughout Europe, the metal mantel is actually designed to offer optimum high heat output with minimal size. Although uncommon in many modern housing in the US, you can really find metal hearth mantels at farm auctions across the country as many of the farm housing at the turn of this century included them into creating train at the time. Metal fireplace mantels are catching on and interior decorators are incorporating them far more and far more into homes.

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Raised Hearth Fireplace Mantels


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Natural stone is noncombustible, which means you do not always require an interior or perhaps surround for the fireplace of yours. Cast Stone is generally noncombustible, but check with the manufacturer of yours to be certain. Some stucco artists state that they're able to achieve the very same effect as cast stone around the hearth of yours for a portion of the cost. Ask these artisans for some illustrations of their work and remember, in the event that something seems too good to be correct, it often is. Whether natural or cast stone, the fireplace of yours will be a charming focal point for the home of yours for many years to come.

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