Primitive Fireplace Mantel

Primitive Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is common to us all as a symbol of house and coziness . Yet as universal as the fireplace mantel may be, it has meant things that are different at times that are different in history serving once not just as a supply of high heat, but as a means of cooking, with some fireplace mantels reaching a huge width which could accommodate a couple of cooks and roasting joint. Fireplace mantel or simply mantel, also called open fireplace surround, hood, or even any other similar projection, usually ornamented, that surround the opening of a hearth that directs smokes to the fireplace flue originated wearing medieval times as a hood that projected over a grate to get the smoke.

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Primitive Fireplace Mantel


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The first thing you want to do is actually check out the decor of the room and decide what it's you want to do together with your fireplace mantel with regards to the color as well as decor. You can use anything as candles, sculptures, or flowers to enhance the colors of the room and provide the mantel a touch of accessory to the space. The utilization of fabric can be utilized to drape over the mantel or maybe you can add anything or images else that tickles the enhancing bug in you. If you intend on using photos, sculptures, or candles, keep it at an unusual number to create a far more balanced appearance at the mantel.

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