Pinterest Fireplace Mantel Decor

Pinterest Fireplace Mantel Decor

Whether a regular wood or maybe phony fireplace or gas burning insert is actually installed, the empty corner has nowadays become the focal point of the room. Be sure to cash in on the good room produced by the corner fireplace mantel. This enormous shelf is a great room to display decorations, photo frames, candles or maybe a TV. The trend just recently has been opting out of positioning the TV on the mantel and also go the wall surface mounted flat screen TV path. This can allow even more space for displaying nick-knacks on the space fireplace mantel. To mount the TV over the fireplace mantel is not just provides more room on the mantel but helps keep the fireplace the focal point of the home. In case the television is placed anywhere other than higher than the mantel, the concentration is actually taken off the centerpiece of the home and causes confusion for people entering the room.

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Pinterest Fireplace Mantel Decor


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In domestic perform of the fourteenth century, the fireplace mantel was drastically increased in order to allow of the members of the family sitting on both sides of the fire on the hearth, and in these cases amazing beams of timber were put into use to have the hood; in these kinds of situations the fireplace was so deeply recessed as to become externally a vital architectural characteristic, as at Haddon Hall. Probably The largest hearth mantel existing is within the great hall of the Palais des Comtes at giving Poitiers, which is almost thirty feet wide, having two intermediate supports to take the hood; the stone flues are taken set up between the tracery of an enormous window above.

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