Pictures Of Wood Fireplace Mantels

Pictures Of Wood Fireplace Mantels

Most people merely consider fireplace mantel decor during the winter holidays, when they are likely to pull out all the stops to really make it beautiful. But why decorate the mantel of yours for one month of the season and leave it dull the majority of the moment? Your fireplace is a centerpiece of the family room, along with the mantel should be decorated accordingly. In addition to the fire place mantel itself, probably the largest decor elements are going to be the fireplace screen as well as tool set. Those two components should accentuate the mantel along with the general look of the home. When you have those who are in place, you could start to choose the decor things to hang above the mantel or perhaps set inside the fireplace.

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Pictures Of Wood Fireplace Mantels


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There are two large considerations though when you get an antique hearth mantel. The initial one has something to do with form. You have to be sure of course that your fireplace mantel fits the general style & color of the home of yours. Overall the antique mantel of yours will be overkill and can sound preposterous. Nonetheless, you're the mater of the home of yours and also you can do with it when you please. The other big concern however for purchasing an antique mantel can't be dismissed since it involves safety. Since the piece of yours is an antique, it obviously does not fit modern day house specifications. The goal for today's safety, fire as well as building codes and regulations would be to make sure your safety and the preservation of the home of yours. Aside from ensuring the mantel of yours is the appropriate size for the firebox of yours, you also should be sure that your mantel is able to comply with modern safety requirements.

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