No Mantel Fireplace

No Mantel Fireplace

Whether the average wood or gas burning or fake fireplace insert is actually installed, the empty corner has today become the centerpiece of the room. Make sure to cash in on the good room caused by the space fireplace mantel. This huge shelf is a great room to display decorations, picture frames, candles or even a TV. The direction just recently has been to opt out of placing the TV on the mantel and also go the wall mounted flat screen TV route. This tends to enable even more room for displaying nick-knacks on the corner fireplace mantel. Mounting the TV above the fireplace mantel isn't only provides much more space on the mantel but can help keep the fireplace the focal point of the room. In case the tv is actually put anywhere apart from higher than the mantel, the concentration is taken off of the centerpiece of the room and brings about confusion for people entering the room.

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No Mantel Fireplace


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The fireplace mantel, if it's wide enough, would be the ideal area to fit some plants or fresh flowers. These fresh features may really bring life to a room, not to point out the additional benefits of adding living plants in the living room of yours. Be sure you pick plants that can thrive nicely inside or even with little sunlight, especially in case the fireplace of yours does not get adequate sunlight. This plan is ideal in case you scarcely use your fireplace, as the heat may wilt or even kill your plant life. If you utilize it seasonally, ensure you transfer the plants of yours before you start lighting the fires of yours.

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