Monessen Fireplace Inserts

Monessen Fireplace Inserts

As discussed, you will find 2 different designs of electric fireplace inserts, hence your needs will determine which model to include in your home. One kind of electric fireplace insert is a set of logs which are put in the average hearth or fireplace opening, and also the other product is actually a four-sided firebox which can run independently or even be positioned in an entertainment center, media console, wall structure or cabinet. Both designs provide flame technology which provides the ambiance of a true fire minus the mess, inconvenience, or odds associated with a traditional fire. These designs offer supplemental heat for as much as 400 square legs with 4700 Btus an hour, which allows for zone heating and the reduction of your heating bills.

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Monessen Fireplace Inserts


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When viewing a fireplace insert, very first look for EPA certification; most inserts should pass EPA certification ensuring they're cleaner for the earth. Because the concept is actually relatively new, some salesmen as well as factories do try to pass off inserts that failed certification or just were not also delivered through it in the first spot. Furthermore, make sure that you do a little research prior to even hitting the floor; some inserts do better for some uses compared to others, which could be a consideration.

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