Mantel Shelf Ideas For Brick Fireplace

Mantel Shelf Ideas For Brick Fireplace

Having a great serving of creativity plus fun , even the drabbest of fireplace mantels could be made sexy. Marble fireplaces are the most interesting option today and more and more people all over the world like to use them. Some of the more common types of wood used to create mantels with are oak, cherry, and pine. Fireplace mantels are a means of giving the room character of yours so take a look at your mantel and find out what you are able to change today. You are able to utilize some plant or even floral from bamboo to orchids to roses, and any candle aroma offered by gardenia to sage. While providing a unique opportunity to elaborate on the design of a room, fireplace mantels are also important for expressing the individuality of yours.

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Mantel Shelf Ideas For Brick Fireplace


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Candles are really the traditional decorations for hearth mantels. Before, they did not have electrical lights and also had to work with candles for illumination in the evening. It was the best spot to situate candles, that may be taken to the room at bed time. The types of candles you place on your fireplace mantel depends on the dimensions of the mantel itself. The plan is to have a good balance, level and variation. You are able to have 2 substantial candles on either end such as, and maybe balance it with a major decorative piece of the center. or perhaps you can have several small candles lined set up on the mantel. It truly is your decision, and you are able to switch it up to give variation to the mantel of yours every few months or so.

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