Mantel Height Above Gas Fireplace

Mantel Height Above Gas Fireplace

The fireplace mantel is common to us all as a sign of home as well as comfort . Still as universal as the fireplace mantel may seem, it has meant different things at times that are different in history serving once not only as a resource of heat, but as a means of cooking, with a few fireplace mantels achieving an enormous width that could accommodate few cooks and roasting joint. Fireplace mantel or perhaps mantel, likewise referred to as fireplace surround, hood, or perhaps any other similar projection, more often than not ornamented, which encircle the opening of a fireplace that directs smokes to the chimney flue originated wearing medieval times as being a hood which projected over a grate to get the smoke.

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Mantel Height Above Gas Fireplace


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It is extremely easy to add a granite, marble, or perhaps slate facing to the fireplace of yours. A contractor can enable you to do this very easily or you can purchase a facing package online. If you would like a shelf in addition to a face surrounding the open fireplace of yours, you ought to opt for wood, tempered glass, or perhaps perhaps synthetic shelves. Stone shelves are usually very heavy and might do injury to the wall of yours if installed improperly. Whenever you make use of stone only on the face of the fireplace of yours, the stone is cut rather thin and also you increase the area of your wall that supports the stone, placing less stress on your wall. If you've a contractor or even have discovered a business which will develop as well as install a custom fireplace mantel for you, subsequently the sky's the restrict. However, in case you do have a budget to check out, you may want to look at more conventional choices or buy a synthetic shelf which looks like the stone of your choice.

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