Living Room Design With Corner Fireplace

Living Room Design With Corner Fireplace

After that, there are lots of folks who want one that is like a traditional wood-burning fireplace. You understand the kind that sits up from a wall and could even have a mantle to exhibit photos on. Few people say they want to buy an electric corner fireplace once they start shopping; that’s, not until they see them anyway! There is also a good possibility you will experience every one of those ideas in this order. Corner fireplaces invoke a part of surprise, but then the more you think about them, you comprehend precisely how brilliant they in reality are. If you’re taking a look at the electrical corner fireplaces on the internet, and out of the blue moving around your furniture in your mind to make room for a single, this’s a common reaction. You may not actually have to move any furniture; majority of people have a vacant corner that is screaming for a little interest.

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Living Room Design With Corner Fireplace


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The very first thing you might be trying to determine is if you often have the space to add one. After all, chairs or perhaps couches are actually probable lined round the perimeter of the room. Effectively, do you have a nook which is simply sitting there empty? Many waiting areas do! However, there are electric powered corner fireplaces available that will nestle right in there. Conversely, in case you have a wall without seating, but with a table or maybe a television with reading materials, you could constantly mount a wall structure one there, as well. Today you have warmth and a piece of art that the room was probably lacking anyway.

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Living Room Design With Corner Fireplace

A corner fireplace can be a perfect way to add warmth, charm, and character to any living room. With its unique placement, it can act as a focal point for the room and draw attention to the area where it is located. It can also provide an inviting atmosphere for friends and family to gather around. As with any living room design, there are a few important considerations when deciding how to incorporate a corner fireplace into the décor.

Layout and Placement

The most important factor in creating a successful living room design with a corner fireplace is the layout and placement of the other furniture pieces. To start, it is important to measure the size of the fireplace as well as the available space in the room. This will help ensure that there is enough space for all of the desired furniture pieces while still leaving enough room for an unobstructed view of the fireplace.

When positioning furniture around a corner fireplace, it is important to ensure that all seating options are facing towards it. This will create an inviting atmosphere that encourages conversation and fosters connection between guests. Additionally, it is important to leave enough space between furniture pieces so that they do not obstruct views of the fireplace or block any pathways.

Style and Aesthetics

When adding a corner fireplace to a living room design, it is important to consider how it will fit into the existing style of the room. If there is an existing color scheme or pattern already present in the room, then it may be best to choose a fireplaces that has similar tones or patterns in order to keep continuity throughout the space. Additionally, if there are any existing accents or art pieces in the room, then one should consider how these items may coordinate with a new fireplace.

In terms of aesthetics, there are many different styles and designs of corner fireplaces available on the market today. From traditional wood-burning models to modern electric designs, there is sure to be something that will fit into any living room design scheme. Additionally, some fireplaces even come with built-in shelving or media centers which can add extra storage space or functionality to a living room.

Safety and Maintenance

When incorporating a corner fireplace into a living room design, safety should always be taken into consideration as well. It is important to make sure that all combustible materials such as furniture, curtains, rugs, etc., are kept at least three feet away from the firebox in order to prevent accidental fires from occurring. Additionally, one should never leave burning embers unattended as this could lead to serious injury or damage if not properly monitored. Finally, regular cleaning and maintenance should be performed on corner fireplaces in order to ensure optimal performance and longevity of use.


Q: What are some tips for incorporating a corner fireplace into my living room design?

A: When incorporating a corner fireplace into your living room design, it is important to consider factors such as layout and placement of other furniture pieces, style and aesthetics of the fireplace itself, and safety and maintenance requirements when using it. Additionally, one should always measure both the size of the fireplace and available space in order to ensure that all desired furniture pieces will fit within the allotted area without blocking pathways or views of the firebox .

What are some tips for decorating a living room with a corner fireplace?

1. Utilize the Corner: Place the main seating and conversation area in front of the fireplace to take advantage of its warmth. Consider the size of the room and decide if you want to include a loveseat, two chairs, or a sectional sofa.

2. Symmetry: Balance the furniture on either side of the fireplace. Arrange the pieces to create an even and symmetrical look around the fireplace.

3. Choose Artwork: Hang artwork that is complementary to the fireplace design and color scheme of the room. Select pieces that are proportionate to the wall space above your fireplace and consider incorporating a mirror for added interest and dimension.

4. Add a Rug: Anchor your seating arrangement with an area rug that coordinates with your decor. Choose a rug that is large enough to fit your furniture grouping and will tie all elements together visually.

5. Lighting: Incorporate task lighting, such as table or floor lamps, to provide ample lighting for reading or entertaining while creating an inviting ambiance in your living room.

By considering layout, placement, style, and safety requirements when incorporating a corner fireplace into your living room design, you can create an inviting atmosphere that is sure to be enjoyed by all.