Light Stone Fireplace

Light Stone Fireplace

Cast stone fireplace is just about the same to those fireplaces which are made from cut lime stones. this particular stone is so unique and durable that the artisans have tried it for about centuries on the exteriors of structures. The majority of the stones which appear to be lime stone on structures constructed around the turn of this century are most likely cast stone. Often cast stones' fireplace is made from a mix of finely graded aggregates, a bonding agent and silica sand. These open fireplace and mantels usually utilizes a hardening agent for cleaner edges. Basically this type of combination is actually hammered into molds as well as the outcome or perhaps outcome is series of open fireplace that is really similar to limestone.

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Light Stone Fireplace


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For those who like the splendor of limestone fireplace mantels however not always the cost, a cast stone mantel might be a suitable option. Cast stone is a decent concrete as material that is commonly used for coating the exterior surfaces of structures to give them the appearance of pricier cultured stone. It is made by mixing crushed bits of limestone, sand or other aggregate, along with a bonding agent until a solid fluid paste is formed. The combination is then put on to the surface area of another material, in case it is being utilized for construction applications, or perhaps poured into pre-formed mold, if it is being used to develop a cast stone mantel.

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