Large Fireplace Mantels

Large Fireplace Mantels

The fireplace mantel is familiar to us all as a sign of coziness and room. Still as universal as the fireplace mantel may seem, it's meant different things at different times in history serving once not just as a supply of high temperatures, but as a means of cooking, with some fireplace mantels reaching a big width which could accommodate few cooks and also roasting joint. Fireplace mantel or simply mantel, likewise referred to as fireplace surround, hood, or even some other comparable projection, more often than not ornamented, which surround the opening of a hearth which directs smokes to the chimney flue originated in medieval times as being a hood which projected over a grate to get the smoke.

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Large Fireplace Mantels


Reclaimed Wood Beams & Mantles – True American Grain Reclaimed Wood


By far the most obvious choices for mantels are those that are actually made of wood, both laminated wood or solid wood. Solid wood is the pricier of the two cork choices, but laminate may be equally as realistic while not costing a lot of money. There are many species of wood that are left turned into mantels by different manufacturers, including oak, cherry, and also pine, to name a couple of, and similarly you will find laminate wooden variations of these wood species that are obtainable also. When selecting the fireplace mantel that looks ideal for the house of yours, take into consideration any present woods which are widespread all over the decor in the area where the fireplace shall be fitted. This gives the kitchen a much more coordinated look.

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Pilaster Corbel Fireplace leg FDCB 1003


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