Lace Fireplace Mantel Runner

Lace Fireplace Mantel Runner

The trend just recently has been opting out of positioning the TV on the mantel and also go the wall structure mounted flat display screen TV option. In case you desire to make the mantel of yours come alive, you may wish to start with many fun decorations that will bring out the daily life and character in the home of yours and in the fireplace of yours. They are both functional and beautiful. If at all possible, you’ll need to complement the wood type with this of the wood of the structural look of your home or even accompanying furniture. The first one has a thing to do with style. With those figures in hand, you are able to find a fireplace mantel or mantel and surround which will match the scale of the fireplace of yours and the overall look of your room.

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Lace Fireplace Mantel Runner


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Another solution is of course antique open fireplace mantels. These can be purchased via antique sellers. There are a few antique hearth mantel dealers out there with an assortment of fireplace mantels. Of course sellers are going to charge you what ever price tag they believe they can get for doing this, but it’ll be a real work of art. Be careful when buying from dealers. today fireplaces could conveniently be reproduced and passed on as being antique and authentic when in fact the are being created in China or Europe someplace. You will be able to tell by the quality of workmanship and possibly by wear and tear. Antique mantels only come in the size that they were made in. And so in case you invest in an antique mantel make certain it fits your space and covers the firebox properly. You might have add another substance or a stone on the inside of the fireplace mantel are around in order to effectively conceal the firebox when the mantelpiece is a little larger than your firebox.

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When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your home, there’s nothing quite like a lace fireplace mantel runner. Whether you use it as part of your holiday decor or keep it up all year round, a mantel runner is an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your living space.

If you’re not familiar with mantel runners, they’re simply pieces of fabric that you can drape over your mantel. They come in all sorts of different materials, but lace is definitely one of the most popular options. After all, what could be more elegant than delicate lace?

There are all sorts of different ways to style a lace mantel runner. You can keep it simple by letting it hang down evenly over the edges of your mantel. Or, you can get creative and try draping it in different ways. You could even add some embellishments like beads or sequins for an extra touch of glamour.

One of the great things about mantel runners is that they’re very versatile. You can use them in a variety of different ways to create different looks. For example, you could use a mantel runner as part of your holiday decorating.